Creating a Legacy: Ensuring your wishes are carried out

Jun 8, 2023

In a powerful display of solidarity, women in business recently gathered to support the work of The International Alliance for Women (TIAW) and The Global Federation of Chinese Business Women Sydney Chapter of Australia. The event served as a platform for women to share their stories, forge new connections, and explore the crucial topic of “Creating a Legacy.” Faciliated by our Head of Wealth, Naomi Holmes, the conversation was led by estate planning specialist Lisa Barca and the our Executive Manager and Senior Financial Adviser, Kate Golder, shedding light on the importance of having a well constructed and thought through estate plan. With the valuable insights shared by Lisa and Kate, participants left inspired and equipped to work with our experts in resolving their estate planning challenges.

Acknowledging the Need for Legacy Planning

Legacy planning is a topic that often evokes a range of emotions and is sometimes approached with trepidation. The event aimed to break down barriers and foster open conversations surrounding this crucial aspect of life. The women in attendance recognised the significance of proper planning and acknowledged that inadequate preparation could lead to unfulfilled wishes and unaddressed concerns. By coming together, they took a significant step towards bridging the gaps in their own plans and ensuring their legacies are preserved according to their wishes.

Insights from the Experts

The event featured two outstanding speakers who shared their expertise and thought-provoking stories. Lisa Barca, an estate planning specialist with extensive knowledge in the field, guided our attendees through the intricacies of legacy planning. Her insights shed light on the potential pitfalls and challenges that women may encounter without proper preparation, addressing such things as:

  • the types of issues that may result in a contested will
  • how to structure your will to minimise it being contested
  • real-life stories of where estate plans have been successful or have resulted in being contested
  • the importance of enduring guardianships and enduring powers of attorney

Lisa’s expertise and guidance encourgaed the participants to approach legacy planning with confidence and make informed decisions for their future.

Kate Golder, an accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in financial planning, added another layer of wisdom to the discussion. Through her own personal stories and professional experiences, Kate highlighted the transformative power of legacy planning, covering topics such as:

  • how important it is to properly structure your assets to protect your affairs and wishes
  • the impact of tax upon death, what assets would be tax exempt and which beneficiaries would be likely to pay tax
  • how to treat superannuation and what you need to consider about superannuation and life insurance

Her insights inspired attendees to reflect on their own aspirations and consider the impact they wish to leave on future generations. By encouraging women to think beyond the immediate and envision the long-lasting effects of their actions, Kate sparked a wave of introspection and motivation to get their affairs reviewed.

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