Meet Kim Kitchen – Executive Director and Head of Alteris Private

Aug 7, 2023

A love of storytelling and connecting with people has been an integral part of Kim’s working life since she left school. With a dream to become a pilot with the Royal Air Force unable to be fulfilled, Kim sought other opportunities and secured a role working for a private bank in the UK as a Sterling Money Market Dealer. It was here she discovered that her innate talents as a storyteller and gifted people connector were a huge advantage.

A move to Australia saw Kim seek new opportunities away from the treasury and banking sector, initially within commercial property investment. Kim worked alongside a number of influential individuals across roles with Brentwood Corporation, Abacus Property Group and Centennial Property Group.

Having identified an opportunity in the market to deliver a more diversified range of opportunities, whilst still providing her investors a bespoke relationship solution, the concept of Alteris Private was born together with her co-founder, Keith Jones, with whom she has had a more than 20 year relationship as her client.

“So, what I love to do is to meet people” she smiles. “I tell stories about what we’re seeing in the market, where the opportunities are, and match that with the right style of investor.”

With many of her investors not in the market daily, they rely on Kim’s expert knowledge and contacts to become aware of available opportunities.

With a robust network of people, Kim is an expert at matching potential investments with potential investors and tailoring to individual needs. In addition, she has a solid reputation in the industry for her integrity, honesty, and straight-talking nature—of significant importance in any investor/client relationship.

“If I’m talking about an opportunity, then I’m often a personal investor. I’m with them, and that goes a long way.”

Her typical day involves talking with investors and meeting clients, as well as attending networking and leadership events to provide expert information about the market. As Kim is highly active in the market, she often hears about opportunities before others, so she is able to disseminate that knowledge throughout her network.

Kim is a big supporter of the Alteris Women’s network and is excited to see and support more women coming to the forefront in the investment world. Today, she sees more women managing their financial affairs armed with knowledge and information to make investment decisions. She is delighted that Alteris supports true equity in the workplace, with many roles benefitting by having empowered women in the workplace.

“I love my role, telling stories and connecting with people, to bring them together and match the right investors with the right investment decisions,” Kim says.

Kim also has a passion for keeping fit and enjoys hiking and walking. Meeting new people and travel are also high on the agenda, and she appreciates that her working career has allowed her to see some of the most spectacular places on earth. If she’s not busy with clients, you’ll find her supporting her incredibly talented daughter, who competes both nationally and internationally in yachting regattas.

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