Meet Naomi Holmes

Jun 6, 2022

As Head of Wealth, Naomi oversees a team of financial planners. “People and clients are the two things I care about,” she explains. “I feel a huge responsibility in a leadership role to ensure I have a strong connection with the team and to take them on a journey with their career”. She is incredibly passionate about the benefits of financial planning for clients and wants to see this bought to life more prominently. “I can’t underpin enough the value that financial planning brings to everyone” she says.

“Every person we work with and advise can benefit from the interaction. Financial planners are an asset and I’d like to see more people reaching out for advice because we know it can make a significant difference to their financial situation”.

As with many fast-paced and multi-faceted professionals, Naomi does not really have a “typical” day. With a wide portfolio and a large team, Naomi’s time is mostly spent working with the team on driving the business strategy. This is where she feels she can really make a difference within Alteris and share her passion for the wealth division in order to propel the business forward. “It’s extremely important to find a balance between people and strategy,” she says. “And I’m conscious that it’s not just the team I need to consider but the clients as well”. To this end, Naomi is making attending client meetings a priority in her calendar as she feels this creates the perfect opportunity for her to truly understand the financial planning process from the client’s perspective, and listen carefully to their feedback.

As a child, Naomi was very focused on sport and, in particular gymnastics. This led to an interest in human biology and science and she completed a degree in Sports Science with Honours in Exercise Physiology. Taking a gap year to decide on her future plans saw Naomi juggle a few part-time jobs such as coaching gymnastics and lecturing at university. To supplement her wages, she took a job in a bank and, in a piece of serendipitous luck, met the bank’s financial planner and was introduced to the world of financial planning. “I never saw myself working in the financial industry but I actually found there were many parallels,” Naomi explains. “My scientific brain loves logic and analytics and these are two key elements in financial planning”. Naomi discovered financial planning based on identifying goals for where people wanted to be, assessing their current position and developing a plan to get from one place to the other.  This was very similar to her studies and problem solving so her skills were highly complementary.

“I’m very grateful I stumbled on this career pathway,” she explains. “Because I just adore it. In all the years I’ve worked in this industry, I’ve never lost my passion for financial planning.  There is a kind of magic about it.  It isn’t very often you genuinely get an opportunity to make a significant difference in someone’s life and this is what financial planning can do for people.  We just need to get to them early enough in life to really help them make the most of their financial position”

“What I also learnt was that I really loved dealing with people,” she says. “I was coaching high-level competitive gymnastics which requires many traits required in the business world – understanding your people/athletes, working on best practice, identifying strengths and playing to these strengths, and setting disciplines and structure to optimise your day. I’ve found that this coaching ethos is highly applicable in the corporate environment”.

Naomi has always valued education which still continues today.  After attaining her undergraduate degree she embarked on two post graduate qualifications in Financial Planning being the Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and her Certified Financial Planning Certification.  “I love learning and gaining the understanding of how to improve myself.  Education is a pathway to a better future especially when you can apply it as practically as you can with Financial Planning.”  This is something she really wants to bring to life at Alteris, working with the Alteris Women concept in improving financial literacy in women and empowering women to embark on their own journey in becoming more confident with their finances and money in general.

When introduced to the idea of Alteris Women, Naomi confesses to a feeling of immense excitement about the opportunity.



“Too many women feel disempowered and there are too many negative associations around money so anything we can do to alleviate that will make a significant difference”

“I have seen first-hand how a focus on women and financial matters can materially change lives for the better and, with Alteris Women, I see a clear opportunity across a wide spectrum to begin that pathway forward”. she says

Working at Alteris Financial Group is the culmination of many years of determined effort and unwavering commitment to her craft. Naomi has been impressed with the absolute pathway the business provides and feels Alteris has a unique proposition for both employees and clients that makes it an exciting place to work. “I don’t know of any other financial planning business that offers the scope of elements that Alteris does,” she says. “There is an abundance of opportunity and thought leadership in this business and it’s wonderful to work in a business with employees who are incredibly good at their job”.

In her personal life, Naomi recognises the importance of fitness and relaxation. She and her husband love to walk their adored two-year-old black Labrador and she regularly walks the 5kms to work when the weather allows. She also loves the benefits of yoga classes which she takes 3-4 times per week. In her spare time, she cooks – Italian, Japanese and Mexican are her favourites – and enjoys planning holidays and travel.

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