Strengthening the work of others who empower women

Apr 22, 2022

As we know, women have been disproportionally impacted by the pandemic, and are the worst affected by the nightmare of war. To rebuild their lives and to find a pathway to the future they deserve, all women need access to the funds that will empower them. This is the work of one of our partners, The International Alliance for Women (TIAW).

TIAW sponsors their annual World of Difference Awards, where they recognise up to 100 women (and men) around the world whose efforts have advanced the economic empowerment of women locally, regionally, or worldwide. We were delighted to be able to at last celebrate our CEO, Keith Jones, who was awarded 2021 Champion of Women’s Economic Empowerment in the 2021 World of Difference Awards, together with Muriel Chen-Sjahriar, Founder and Owner of Blue Eye Dragon Restaurant, who received the award for Entrepreneurship.

Keith believes that advancing women’s economic empowerment requires more than lip service to a noble idea. He recognised that it was not enough to see and experience women’s financial journeys through the relationship with Alteris clients.

Instead, he wanted to create a community, a network and programs that would allow the Alteris team of professional women to utilise their skills, knowledge, and lived experience to enable and enhance women’s financial confidence and wellbeing at every stage of life.

As well as celebrating the awardees, attendees also heard from Naomi Holmes, our Head of Wealth and Accounting. Naomi shared the financial lessons she has learned through her lived experience, which started as a teenager working part-time and ‘spending her first pay packet all at once’! Her words of wisdom were followed by questions and conversations that many women identified with, making for an inspiring afternoon for all.

This event raised more than AUD4000.00 for TIAW’s Microcredit fund. This sum was reached via profits from the event, sponsorship, a raffle and also some donations from attendees.

TIAW will be contacting their Australasian partner, the Credit Union Foundation of Australia (CUFA) to identify a suitable project or projects for these funds.

Join our community if you would like to follow the work of Alteris Women and our partners.

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